CEO Message
Thank you for visiting the website of C&C Solution Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment, C&C Solution Co., Ltd. has been contributing to the continuous
preservation of healthy and clean ecosystem of surrounding reservoirs, dams, lakes and ponds, that become polluted, by developing the eco-friendly green technology, “Solar-Powered Water Circulation System” with the concentrated mind of preserving clean water that is the most valuable asset of human beings and natural ecosystem.

“Solar Photovoltaic Water Circulation System” is the optimum sustainable eco-friendly technology that restores the aquatic ecosystem and makes the clean and healthy natural environment by circulating stagnant water with unmanned automation system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using renewable solar energy to supply continuously abundant dissolved oxygen.

The company is firmly maintaining the leading position at the market based on the creation of customer value and the specialized technology that can satisfy them, and we are moving toward the wider world as well as the domestic market with our constant challenge and passion.

Based on “Connect & Creation”, which is the new spirit of the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, C&C Solution Co., Ltd. promises to make our best efforts to advance into a company that contributes to the coexistence and prosperity of human society through developing, connecting and blending innovative technologies to preserve clearer and cleaner water that is the most valuable asset of human beings and natural ecosystems. Thank you.